Best of Pit Chat part 1: When F1 got caught red-handed

We take a look back over some of the most memorable moments of the first half of the season, including F1 hyping up its own rather forgettable 1000th race.

Australian Grand Prix

The season started strongly with Red Bull having a cheeky dig at Fernando Alonso after Honda powered them onto the podium.

And Sebastian Vettel had clearly been spending some time during the off-season perfecting his Aussie accent so he could share it with the masses come race weekend.

Bahrain Grand Prix

Kimi Raikkonen provided some classic radio gold, just in case you had forgotten how straight to the point he is.

Chinese Grand Prix

China gave us one of the most unlikely selfies of the year…

While Formula 1 were caught red-handed trying to hype up their own 1000th race with pre-written tweets to then select from at end of the race…naughty.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix

The recovery truck didn’t do a particularly great job in recovering George Russell’s Williams car. That bang still makes us wince to this very day.

Spanish Grand Prix

Whilst we waited for someone, anyone, different to win other than a Mercedes driver, the state of Formula 1 was openly taken the p*ss out of by IndyCar, thankfully a particularly strong run of entertaining races after France would see the complaints subside somewhat.

Monaco Grand Prix

In Monte Carlo, Ferrari messed up qualifying with Charles Leclerc being a shock elimination in Q1 due to a miscalculation in the cut-off time. Luckily Ferrari didn’t open themselves up for more ridicule after holding a strategy masterclass prior to the session.

Oh…hang on.

Canadian Grand Prix

Canada, Canada, Canada…something happened there. What was it? Hmm…oh yeah!

French Grand Prix

While the French Grand Prix certainly didn’t give us anything on the track. In the build-up to the race week, though, we got Bernie Ecclestone and Helmut Marko in knock-off Spice Girls merch. Still can’t believe these photos exist.

Even Christian Horner’s smile suggests he can’t believe it.

Austrian Grand Prix

Now we thought Kimi Raikkonen flipped Lewis Hamilton the bird after blocking him in qualifying at the Red Bull Ring. Sorry for ever doubting you, Kimi.

British Grand Prix

Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo in the same press conference = entertainment. Just don’t expect any questions or answers to be given uninterrupted.

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Pit Chat: Erm…happy 100th race, Sebastian

It was, unfortunately, rather fitting that Sebastian Vettel’s 100th race with Ferrari ended in disaster just as things were looking promising for the Scuderia…

Time to take a look back over the good, the bad and the ugly from a Brazilian Grand Prix that went from quiet to batsh*t crazy in the blink of an eye.

Thank you Valtteri Bottas for your sacrifice.

But first…

A whiff of nostalgia

We, and no doubt you, are an absolute sucker for seeing some iconic cars back on track, even if the livery isn’t 100 per cent accurate.

In the build-up to race weekend we were treated to Mick Schumacher driving his father’s almighty Ferrari F2002.

And back at Interlagos, we all saw this little beauty. Martin Brundle is one lucky man. Not jealous at all.

While that was undoubtedly Martin Brundle’s number one highlight of the weekend, a close second must have been the honour of being completely ignored by Kimi Raikkonen on his grid walk.

Don’t worry, Martin, he isn’t just singling you out.

Just as we’re on the subject of Kimi, we wholeheartedly endorse this message.

Just a quiet weekend…

Now onto Kimi’s former team-mate at Ferrari…one Sebastian Vettel. We got pretty much every version of Seb this weekend.

The one that teases other drivers…

The one that has the dad jokes locked and loaded…

Very excitable Sebastian made an appearance with a superb British accent out of nowhere…

And topped off, of course, by very angry Sebastian on team radio. It’s got to be bad if he is ranting in his native tongue.

If you’re wondering what he said…”My god, is that really necessary?! What a load of bullsh*t!”

Never a quiet day at Ferrari…

Any other business

It’s also never quiet when Daniel Ricciardo is around. He has the perfect plan for Valtteri Bottas to beat Lewis Hamilton next season.

We also enjoyed Valtteri with the most Finnish reaction ever after watching Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel collide with each other.

Meanwhile, the unfortunate Alex Albon added his own little spin to the ‘Shut up Geoff’ option that all F1 gamers are very much aware of.

Ever so slightly more wholesome was seeing Pierre Gasly and, eventually, Carlos Sainz on the podium. Try looking at these images and not get a little misty-eyed with a wee tear of joy.

Last word

Over to you, Ted Kravitz, for the most risqué joke of the weekend coming not even 24 hours on from that interview with Prince Andrew.

Stalling for time on his always excellent Notebook whilst waiting to see if Carlos Sainz was going to keep hold of his podium spot, he suggested McLaren may celebrate by going for a pizza in Woking.

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Pit Chat: Max Verstappen has no filter

Max Verstappen clearly has no filter when it comes to interviews, whilst Sebastian Vettel gives a lesson on how to show the utmost respect.

A look back over all things USA with Pit Chat…

When in Hollywood…

Formula 1 put on quite the show in Hollywood in the build-up to race week. It’s almost like they are trying to drum up interest to bring more races to the US or something.

But as for views outside of the office go, this is pretty much as good as it gets.

Daniel Ricciardo, meanwhile, saw the fan festival as opportunity to tease his old team-mate a little bit. Max probably needed one guess to know who the culprit was.

All hail the Honey Badger

Ricciardo is always good value, but even more so whenever the F1 roadshow rolls into Austin, Texas. Got a feeling he likes the US.

Daniel Ricciardo

And there was no way on this planet that he wouldn’t bring out the southern accent during his interviews.

An Ace Ventura reference, and a pretty bloody good one at that, we didn’t see coming…

His best off-track contribution, though, was undoubtedly his initial answer to explain what Formula 1 is…

More McLaren memories

It will also come as no surprise to you that Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz continue to be legends.

And thank you so much Lando for the radio check that we will never get out of our heads.

Silky smooth from Seb

Someone else standing out for all the right reasons is one Sebastian Vettel. He really didn’t need to do this, but he did anyway because he is a class act.

Seb may have a lot of respect for the Mercedes man, but he is still try to convert people to Ferrari one fan at a time.

Oh Max

One person who could probably learn a thing or two from how Vettel conducts himself a vast majority off the track is Max Verstappen.

There was probably, no definitely, a better way to talk about Ferrari’s weekend troubles rather than this.

Verstappen may just fancy a Ferrari seat in the future and comments like this are only to go to burn bridges, not build them. Just ask Fernando Alonso.

Picture perfect

Anyway, we can sense we are getting a little bit bitchy so let’s get back to the good stuff. Poster/meme of the year any one?

With this one a very close second…

Last word

It can only be given to the now six-time World Champion really. Some honest reflections and some lovely words about the late, great Niki Lauda.

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Pit Chat: Inspector Vettel, Detective D-Ric report for duty

Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo show off their detective skills as we look back at the best bits from the Japanese Grand Prix.

But where else can we start other than…

Typhoon Hagibis

There is a slight chance you may have heard of a typhoon affecting the Japanese Grand Prix over the weekend. If you’re looking for someone to blame, look no further…

Whilst poor Pierre was getting a hard time, Max Verstappen took the opportunity to get some of the lads together for some FIFA.

Social post of the weekend? We think so…

The rare Saturday off also brought us Lando Norris throwing himself down a bowling alley…

Daniel Ricciardo singing to himself…

And a McLaren engineer who really should know better…

I Spy

Some of the drivers aren’t just Formula 1 drivers, you know? Oh no. They are international men of mystery, too.

Valtteri Bottas v437.0 (we’ve lost count) was revealed.

Sebastian Vettel did his usual inspecting of the Mercedes car, seemingly using his foot as a scale to weigh their front wing. He is just going to end up plonking himself in the car one of these days!

Sebastian Vettel

And doing some detective work was the one and only Daniel Ricciardo…

Any other business

Also in Japan, Vettel and Hamilton came to blows in the paddock…

Mercedes showed some self-awareness with this excellent tweet…

And Lando Norris responded in the most Lando Norris way possible after getting barged off the track by Alex Albon.

Last word

We will end on a rather poignant image after Mercedes ensured that this season will be the sixth consecutive campaign with them as double World Champions.

Sure, there were celebrations but one great man’s presence was certainly missed.

Danke Niki.

Niki Lauda

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Pit Chat: The return of vintage Vettel

The real Sebastian Vettel did stand up in Russia, while the Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen comedy act gave a special performance. 

Thank goodness the drivers and teams are entertaining because the race itself certainly was not…

Stone Cold George Russell

With back-to-back race weekends on the agenda, there was still plenty of fall-out from Singapore before attentions properly turned to Russia.

Following their collision at Marina Bay, it was refreshing to see Romain Grosjean leave George Russell enough room on their flight to Sochi.

What’s going on at Williams?

The smiles were soon back off faces at Williams, though, as both cars retired on race day. Prior to that, Russell cut a frustrated figure with lessons not being learned about when to release the car on the track, preferably without traffic.

And it has come as no surprise that Robert Kubica is leaving Williams at the end of the season. He is getting more and more p*ssed off with every week that passes.

Vintage Vettel

Whilst there is no sign of things changing at Williams, there is at Ferrari with Sebastian Vettel. Him going into business for himself and justifying it by being bloody quick in the process is the Seb we all love/hate depending on your allegiances.

Sure he had the “bring back the f***ing V12s” message, which was a wonderful mic drop moment, but he showed all his experience and then some when Ferrari ordered him to move over.

If Charles Leclerc can bring out this version of Sebastian Vettel then we are right here, with popcorn in hand, waiting for it.

Although don’t be getting any ideas from Ziggo Sport, Seb.

And, before we move on, hats off to SportPesa Racing Point for this tweet in amongst all the furore.

Any other business

Fresh from their brilliant interviews with Sky Sports in Singapore, former team-mates Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo took their comedy act to Ziggo Sport in Sochi.

Warning: contains talk about balls.

Red Bull’s Christian Horner was one of the first to pass on his congratulations to McLaren for switching away from Renault. We can’t help but wonder why…

And Lando Norris was lucky to avoid a penalty for this blatant collision.

Last word

Oh go on then, Seb, one last time.

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Pit Chat: The love is strong for Hamilton and Vettel

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have a lot of time for each other these days. And we have a lot of time for them both, too.

Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen take a trip down memory lane, bet regret is strong in Singapore and Sky Sports F1’s David Croft provides one of the best commentary lines of the season. Yes, really.

But first…

Suits you

Sponsor adverts involving drivers can often lead to our toes curling due to the high amount of cringe levels, but there was no danger of that happening when this particular video was released ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix race weekend.

Daniel Ricciardo: The Presentation

When he’s not driving, he’s planning, and when he’s not planning, he’s presenting 📈Want to see what else Renault F1 Team driver Daniel Ricciardo gets up to when takes over at an INFINITIMSport dealership? #promotedWatch here:

Posted by on Friday, 6 September 2019

It’s very difficult not to laugh when Ricciardo is around. Putting him next to Lando Norris in the press conference (again) was only going to end one way.

The dangers of betting

Getting laughs for very different reasons are those who put themselves forward for ridicule with bets and dares. Pain manifested itself in two distinct ways in Singapore…

Exhibit A:

It appears the Reddit user in question is going to stick to their promise.

Exhibit B:

We will overlook the fact the bread is in fact sliced and could have easily been made to look as if it had been eaten. We will give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they had a very full stomach.

Feel Good Inc

Now to the headline matter in hand and it warmed our hearts to see two multiple World Champions have so much respect for each other. Could be different if the title was on the line of course, but at least we get moments like this.

On reverse grid races…

And post-race congratulations…

Lovely stuff.

Bye phone

Another wholesome Lewis Hamilton moment came after he accidentally broke a fan’s phone in the paddock area on his way to the garage.

Usually phones lose value when they break or smash. Not when Hamilton signs it though…

Any other business

Got seven minutes to spare? The correct answer is yes because this lap-by-lap comparison with former team-mates Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo is TV gold.

Valtteri Bottas’ weekend was one to forget for him. He couldn’t even have his usual cup of coffee in peace…

It is also nice to see Rich Energy are taking the break-up with Haas well.

And it’s good to see that ‘silly season’ is still alive and kicking…

Now that is a stretch.

Last word

Over to you Crofty…

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Pit Chat: Don’t go to Ferrari university…

Maybe give Ferrari’s lessons on strategy a miss next time, the neooowww guy returns in Monaco and Daniel Ricciardo finds someone new to irritate.

Here are the best bits from the Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

But first…

BMW play a blinder

You may recall that after the Spanish Grand Prix, Mercedes said farewell to their big boss, the unmistakable Dieter Zetsche who is now enjoying retirement.

BMW also said goodbye with this very cheeky advert…it’s absolutely brilliant. Funny yet respectful of the rivalry between them as car manufacturers.

If you’ve already seen it, don’t let that stop you from watching again.

Just like old times

From the old (sorry Dieter) to the young with Max Verstappen, who reminded us of the good times he had with Daniel Ricciardo before deciding to leave for Renault.

We enjoyed that lingering smile from Max as he tried to keep the banter exchange going…until the fun stopped for another question.

And although many are keen to point out just how more mature Max is nowadays, there is still a little bit of the kid left in him…

Ricciardo, meanwhile, seems to have found someone else he can annoy…

Turns out he was just after an autograph…

Radio ga-ga

Elsewhere, there were plenty of stand-out radio messages from the Monaco Grand Prix…

Romain Grosjean has clearly been having swearing lessons from Guenther Steiner:

Kimi Raikkonen gave us one of the most Kimi Raikkonen radio messages of all time:

Robert Kubica openly questioned Williams’ strategy on race day in Monaco:

And sounds like Sebastian Vettel is having to think about an awful lot when driving the Ferrari. Is he just doing everything?

Ferrari University

One thing Sebastian isn’t doing is holding a class on the importance of strategy in Monaco. No, he’s leaving that to the professionals.

They actually held one prior to their monumental cock-up on Saturday. You could not make this sh*t up.

But Charles Leclerc actually did make it to the end of Q3, you know? Well, sort of…

Any other business

Ferrari-backed drivers were also getting ruled out on the football pitch. Antonio Giovinazzi with a lovely little finish but he was sadly offside.

The neeeeoooowwwww guy made an unexpected return in Monaco…

…while we think someone needs to sit down with Fox Sports and explain how Formula 1 works.

Poor Pierre gets the Where’s Wally treatment…

And here is the start of what we will most remember about Seb this season: his funny quips in press conferences.

Last word

Ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend we lost a great man, a fearless champion and an inspiration to drivers past, present and future.

Many tributes were made to the legend that is Niki Lauda, but none created a bigger lump in the throat than this…

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Pit Chat: Raikkonen teases Hamilton after victory

Kimi Raikkonen teases Lewis Hamilton after long-awaited victory, but Formula 1 still hasn’t cracked America just yet. The best bits from the United States Grand Prix.

But first…

Who are you?

It looks like Formula 1 still has some work to do if they want to truly capture the attention of the United States of America.

David Coulthard tried his best to catch the eye, doing donuts on top of a Miami skyscraper. Thank God his foot didn’t slip.

But DC still has some work to do on his profile, it seems…

If you think that was bad. Have a look at the image selected by Austin’s American Statesman for Fernando Alonso in their race preview…

Yep, that’s his impersonator. D’oh!

And not many know who Brendon Hartley is either, or where he comes from at least…

Wet, wet, wet

Before we were treated to an excellent qualifying and race, there was a pretty miserable, wet Friday to get through first.

Thankfully there were a few laughs to be had to help lighten the mood.

There’s always time for a good pun…

If only they had put it on the wing instead.

Meanwhile, at Red Bull…


And the clauses in Lando Norris’ 2019 contract with McLaren became clearer as he was unveiled as Fernando Alonso’s tea boy.

Here comes the Verstopper

Before we start heading over to Kimi, we have to mention Max Verstappen’s “You always have to alert on a street circuit!” (copyright Jolyon Palmer) moment at the Circuit of The Americas.

Verstappen broke his suspension going over one of these in qualifying…

If only he had taken his own advice…

D-Ricky Bobby

But while Max Verstappen recovered to an awesome P2 finish from P18 in Austin, the misery continues for Daniel Ricciardo. Just how unlucky can one driver possibly get?

At least he still gave us reason to smile with his perfect Texan accent which he definitely did not practice in the mirror all week.

Take 1:

Take 2:

Take 3:

And he was still his usual cheeky self as gatecrashed Max Verstappen’s interview and got called an “eikel” for his troubles. That translates to “d*ckhead” by the way.

Kimi corner

It’s still sinking in, to be honest. Kimi Raikkonen winning a Formula 1 race again 2,044 days after his last one. What a time to be alive.

He was in good form straight from the get-go as well.

And there was this cheeky comment on team radio when Sebastian Vettel was told to move aside and let Raikkonen go and hunt down Lewis Hamilton.

He saved his best until last, though, in the cool down room, asking Hamilton a question he very much knew the answer to.

And, less is always, always more when it comes to ‘The Iceman’.

The construct of what a Haiku should look like has also been teared up and thrown out of the window.

We head out of Kimi corner with this message.

Not out of the woods

If there was one sour note to Kimi Raikkonen’s victory, it was this uncharacteristic emoji response from Ferrari.

As lovely as it was to see Ferrari come back to life in the US. One victory does not make up for all the mistakes made that has left you on the brink of losing both World Championships which you arguably should have won.

Any other business

Blue Peter turned 60 in the past week so it seems only right to dig up when Lewis Hamilton was on there as a little kid. Wonder what ever happened to him?

Nico Rosberg suffered from relatively short-term memory loss…

Some Ferrari fans have not taken their latest season slump well.

And Christian Horner had an alternative idea on how Ferrari could beat Lewis Hamilton at COTA.

“How would you play this one out if you were Arrivabene and take the battle to Hamilton?”

Horner: “I’d get Kimi to put Lewis in the fence at Turn 1 and go from there.”

Last word

Over to you, Kimi…

Onto Mexico…

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